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The architect Ando Tadao’s first impression of the museum site on his visit in 2005 was a ‘peaceful rest surrounded by beautiful nature out of the hectic city life,’ which became the inspiration for his unique design of the museum. Composed of the Welcome Center, the Flower Garden, the Water Garden, the main building, the Stone Garden and the James Turrell Exhibition Hall, the museum facilities extend over seven hundred meters along the natural mountain terrain. The building constructed with the ‘Box in Box’ structure is peacefully harmonized with its natural surroundings. We hope visitors of the Museum SAN will enjoy a wonderful rest and freedom for mind and body away from the busy city life and experience a creative inspiration in the union of nature and culture.

The parking area and the Welcome Center are surrounded by the stone walls built with natural Paju stone. The parking area can accommodate 90 cars and there is space for coaches. From this parking area begins the journey to the Museum SAN. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk through a garden. Electric cars are operated for the elderly and the disabled. The Welcome Center has a ticket booth, toilets, a rest area and a shop

The fragrant field covered with numerous China pinks, which signify pure love in the language of flowers, leads to a path through a white birch forest. An art sculpture harmonizing with the vast natural surroundings of the Flower Garden is an impressive experience for visitors.

The calm and clear surface of water surrounding the main building of the museum creates a dazzling display reflecting the surroundings, and the building looks as if floating on the water. Pebbles underneath the shallow water add to the overall tranquility. Archway is a gate that welcomes visitors to the museum building.

The interior of the main building is filled with natural light coming through the skylight between the eaves and the wall, constructed with Paju stone. The main building displays the‘Box and Box’ concept in which an exposed concrete box structure is contained in another box finished with Paju stone. The spaces in the shape of triangle, rectangle and circle, which connect each galleries, represent the philosophy of earth, sky and human. These spaces offer a restful interlude for audience between exhibitions.

The Paper Gallery and the Cheongjo Gallery are in the main building with the façade made of Paju stone. The Paper Gallery is dedicated to the themes related to paper while the Cheongjo Gallery presents a permanent exhibition and two special exhibitions each year. The windows in the corridors connecting these galleries capture the changing beauty of nature throughout the four seasons.

Inspired by ancient Silla tombs, the Stone Garden is composed of nine gentle stone mounds. Sculptures by renowned artists are placed along the curved stroll through the stone mounds. The peaceful earth, stones, wind and the sun are perfectly harmonizing with fine pieces of art.

Museum SAN presents a unique opportunity to view James Turrell’s four works – Sky Space, Horizon Room, Ganzfeld and Wedgework – in the museum. The beauty of light and the sense of infinite space by Turrell will make you meditate on yourself..

  • This space symbolizes the characteristic of the Museum SAN in combination with the Paper Gallery and the Cheongjo Gallery. The visitors can observe the process of print making demonstrated by print artists and participate in various hands-on programs to learn about print making.
  • Various hands-on programs are provided in this space. Visitors can learn about various aspects of print making by participating in these programs. They can also purchase postcards made with print techniques or print their own postcards on site.
  • Cafe Terrace offers pastas, risottos, steaks and sandwiches as well as pastries freshly made every morning by patissiers. Various beverages are offered including fresh fruit juices and roasted coffee. .
  • The Art Shop offers various interior design items, design products, stationaries and other souvenirs. Main motifs of representative products are birch, paper and pebbles, which are symbolic of the Museum SAN - memories of the museum that you can take with you. .