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the Painting & Narrative

Exhibition Period : 2020-04-07 ~ 2020-08-30

The Painting & Narrative. Nonetheless to say, painting is a result of drawing by a human. As it is, painting is what human being is reflected in the physical world of drawing. There, the life of someone and narratives exist connecting to that someone’s life. The Painting & Narrative begins from one individual. It focuses on the individual to deal with life and gain insight into(through) life. It is something like piling up the layers of private history oozed from the individual rather than from historical human being. This exhibition is to listen to the individual and follow the perspective of the individual instead of being weaved as one kind perspective. Living existence that fuels history is an individual who lives every day every moment. This exhibition humanized and beautiful human characteristics of Korean is well described. As reminding the memories from the past, it explores ought to be humorous and nostalgia toward our home. The everyday life of artists and individuals will surprisingly catch the eyes of audiences and make them feel full of stirred and moved. This time, Museum SAN will display work of art by fifteen artists. Inattentively, the age range of artists for this exhibition has spread from the 30s to the 90s. The Painting & Narrative, in which we read through the paintings together, share the life from the bottom, and get our minds revitalized is just beginning.