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From the Birth of Paper to the Present

Current Exhibition

The Hansol Paper Museum founded in 1997 was Korea’s first museum specializing in paper and dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving diverse arts, crafts and books made of paper. Its collection includes many national treasures and significant cultural heritage. The gallery presents exhibitions and educational programs which show the history of paper from its origins to its current uses. The visitors will rediscover the value and significance of paper. 

Papyrus Glasshouse

The Paper Gallery of Museum SAN begins with the Papyrus glasshouse. It is placed at an outside courtyard reminiscent of the courtyard at the Sumiyoshi House, one of the representative designs by Ando Tadao. The visitors can see real papyrus, the precursor of paper. They will learn about the early form of writing media before the invention of paper.

Meet with Paper

The theme of the Paper Gallery 1 is “Meet with Paper” it displays various relics and visual materials that provide information on the history of paper from the birth of paper, its introduction to the West, the development of paper manufacturing as well as information on the production of traditional Korean paper, guiding the visitors to a better understanding of paper both in the western and the eastern traditions.

Treasuring Paper

The Theme of the Paper Gallery 2 is “Treasuring Paper.” Paper craftworks produced with various techniques - jiseung (paper weaving), jijang (using various colored papers to make a cabinet), jiho (soaking paper in water and mixing with glue) and jeonji (using large paper) are exhibited in this gallery, conveying the subtle aesthetics of our ancestors and the practical value of paper.

Aspiring Paper

The theme of the Paper Gallery 3 is “Aspiring .” It exhibits ancient books including many treasures and national treasures from the museum collection. The visitors will find the aspirations and philosophy of our ancestors recorded in paper.

Reaching Paper

In this space is installed the art work The Breeze that encourages the communication between paper, writing, and audience. The Breeze is created by the German installation art group ART + COM. Through the participation of the audience, ink drops falling from the sky gradually form the sentence “a deep-rooted tree is not shaken by the wind” a phrase from Yongbieocheonga on the waving sheets of paper.

Print Studio 260

This space symbolizes the characteristic of the Museum SAN in combination the Paper Gallery and the Cheongjo Gallery. The visitors can observe the process of print making demonstrated by print artists. They can also participate in various educational and experience programs to learn about paper and experience print making.